Anti-gravity is an idea of creating an object that is free from the force of gravity. The example for the anti-gravity objects are such as a plane and cable car. Although, they are not the right example. In reality they only ‘against’ the effect of Earth’s gravity and their mass.

An aircraft, helicopter, and other common air transport, basically using air pressure and aerodynamic systems so that they can fly like a bird in the sky. In other hand, a cable car using a cable that rotating to ‘fly’ in the air, because most of cable car vehicles are motor-less and engine-less.

Cable car at Erciyes- Kayseri.

In contrast, snowboarding or downhill skiing is a snow sport that needs an elevation to create velocity, where elevation proportional to the force of gravity. Thus, we can say; skiing is a sport that gravity plays for fun. 🙂

Let’s play the gravity *eh I mean skiiiiiiiiiiiiing! 😀


Snowboarding in Javanese means perosotan. I played perosotan a lot in my childhood, just right behind my house.

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)


24 thoughts on “(Anti)Gravity

  1. wahh…skii…snowboardd..wishlist yang entah isoh tercapai atau tidak..hahaha..hikss
    Bayangin kalo mau ski harus pake celana. Kalo ice skating masih bisa pake rok > tolak mentah2

    • Commons dilema bagi para akhwat ya, atau pake celana yang longgar mungkin bisa mbak. Kalo enggak biasanya dibanyak tempat ski, ada semacam kereta2 luncur, yang tinggal duduk terus meluncuuur ada stir plus remnya pula :), tapi yang make biasanya anak2 sih 😀

      • Hehe tapi sensasinya kurang lebih hampir sama kok, cuma kl snowboarding kl jatuh lbh empuk. Di Jogja ada lho sandboarding (digumuk pasir), siapa tau pengin nyobain perosotan tp sdkt berbeda 🙂

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